Richest Chefs In The World

Apart from rustling up mouth-watering, sometimes artistic food, celebrity chefs across the globe are also minting millions of dollars. Let’s take a look at some chefs who have cooked their way to make millions.

Jamie Oliver


Net Worth: $400M

One of the most well-known chefs in the world, Oliver is the owner of the very popular Jamie’s Italian chain of restaurants. The British chef has also appeared in a number of television shows broad-casted in over 100 countries, and has published 26 cookery books.

Paul Bocuse


Net Worth: $185M

Considered to be the modern French cuisine ambassador, Bocuse is famous for his innovative approach to cooking. He is a master at nouvelle cuisine, an art of cooking which emphasises on low-calorie food and excellent presentation. Bocuse owns a number of restaurants in France and Japan, of which, L’auberge du Pont de Collonges in Lyon, France, is three-star Michelin restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay


Net Worth: $121M

The Michelin-starred celebrity chef is known as much for his short temper as for the delicious food he prepares. Ramsay owns a total of 33 restaurants across three continents, and has published 21 cookery books.

Wolfgang Puck


Net Worth: $75M

The Austrian chef is the official caterer of the Academy Awards. He owns more than 20 restaurants across three continents and also has a massive catering business. He has published an array of cookbooks as well as launched several kitchen and food merchandise.

Rachael Ray


Net Worth: $60M

A popular face of America’s Food Network channel, Ray is a three-time winner of Daytime Emmy Awards. Apart from hosting popular TV shows, she has authored a number of cookery books as well.

Emeril Lagasse


Net Worth: $50M

The celebrity chef is the owner of a company called Emeril Empire that operates a number of restaurants in the USA. He has hosted the popular culinary shows, Essence of Emeril and Emeril Live,on the Food Network channel.

Ina Garten


Net Worth: $44M

Garten was working as a White House nuclear policy analyst when she decided to make a career change, and what a change it has been. She hosts the Emmy Award-winning show, Barefoot Contessa,and has sold 10 million copies of her cookery books.

Mario Batali


Net Worth: $25M

Batali is a master of Italian cuisine, who owns a number of restaurants in the USA. Also a popular TV host, Batali has two cooking shows, Molto Mario and Mario Eats Italy, to his name.

Paula Deen


Net Worth: $16M

One of most popular names in culinary business, Deen is known for her Emmy Award-winning show, Paula’s Home Cooking, and her magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen. She has also written a number of best-selling books.

Nigella Lawson


Net Worth: $15M

Apart from being famous for her cooking show Nigella Bites, Lawson is also an esteemed journalist and a food writer. An Oxford graduate, she earlier worked as a deputy literary editor for the Sunday Times.

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Edited by- Niaz Morshed


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