Flying Train: Bangladeshi scientist in USA makes it happening

Flying Train: Bangladeshi scientist in USA makes it happening


Nobody can ignore the contribution of train in modern transport and communication system. It is the train which moves forward in an indomitable spirit on its spiral lines and passes from within remote forests to crowded, urban localities. Generally we perceive of imageries like iron grids, rail line and compartments. But had anybody ever dreamt of a rail without touching the rail line? To our great pride, Bangladeshi scientist Ataul Karim has translated his great dream to action. He has already exhibited the contextual framework of a flying train. He is one of the 100 top scientists of the world at present.

This nouvelle train will fly smoothly through use of magnetic sources. A train with faster speed than 150 miles has already been invented in Germany, China and Japan. But generally 110 million US dollars are spent for making of a train with 150 miles speed while the flying train model proposed by Ataul Karim will need only 1,20,000 to 3,00,000 US dollars. This train looks attractive as well as it will no further touch the rail line from the moment it starts on.

Ataul Karim is now working as the Vice President of Old Damian University of Norfolk, Virginia in USA. Recently a number of US based media houses have published articles on this invention by Ataul Karim. It could be learnt from those articles that earlier several researchers of Old Damian University had invested huge amount of money on researching about flying train but in vain. But the lady of the luck was prepared to put her garland across Ataul Karim’s neck. No sooner had this particular assignment of preparing a flying train came upon his shoulders he became successful in preparing the prototype of the train within one and half years of getting the assignment. Renowned scientists of the world have already examined the proposed train model again and again. Finally they all could have decided that now the commercial launching up of the train is possible.

Dr. Ataul Karim migrated to USA around 30 years ago after obtaining his masters degree in Physics from Dhaka University. Later he got his MS in physics (1978), MS in electrical engineering (1979) and PhD degree from Alabama University (1981) in electrical engineering in a row of his pursuing for higher studies. He, on the other hand, commenced his career too simultaneously. Right now he is leading around five thousands of researchers and students at least in 600 Faculties by dint of his merit and efficiency. Around six colleges, 20 research centers and 600 teachers are also working under the auspices of his leadership.


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