14 Ingenious Tricks That Will Change Your View of Food and Cooking Forever

|| @mirniazmorshed || Bright Side ||

1. Cook two pizzas at once

2. Keep your ice cream soft

3. Eat leftover Nutella properly

4. Pour milk into an empty cookie packet section

5. Heat two food portions in the microwave at once

6. Make cupcake sandwiches

7. Dip cookies in milk using a fork

8. Easily open half-cracked pistachios

9. Easily peel mangoes

10. Use a strainer to get rid of dust crumbs in cereals, muesli, and other instant breakfasts

11. Dip cookies in milk and freeze

12. Put an elastic band on a Chinese food box

13. Easily cope with a hard-to-open jar

14. Bake eggs in their shells

Bright Side


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